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SEO for Small Businesses

What is Acclivity?

Acclivity means upward slope. Our name refers to the a digital upward slope. Start generating more leads, customers, and sales. Start moving in the right direction today: acclivity.

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Made in Omaha

Why Choose Digital Acclivity?

There are multiple other SEO companies and marketing agencies in Omaha. Why should you pick us? Here's why!

  • We Only Focus on Small Businesses
    Yes there are other marketing companies in Omaha. But how many focus solely on small business? Our client base is primarily companies looking to grow using organic search.

  • Created and Operated in Nebraska
    We started here in Omaha and still operate there. You do not have to worry about hiring an agency in another city or state. We are committed to the local community and helping your business grow. 
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Core SEO Services for Construction 

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website to create a high-quality user experience, improve relevance for target keywords, and increase authority through backlinks.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing the user journey on your website to increase lead generation.

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What Can You Expect?



We will conduct in-depth research, as well as industry standards and experience, to provide quality insights and recommendations.



Given access, we can make implementations for you, saving you time and possibly money.



With marketing comes reporting. We will create custom reports unique to your brand to display how well your marketing efforts are performing.

SEO for Small Businesses in IA, NE and MO

We worry about your organic visibility so you can worry on your clients or customers.

We help growing companies get more sales and customers by increasing their online visibility through SEO. 

Who Will You Be Working With

Hi, I'm Christian

With over three years of SEO experience working in agency settings, I have created Digital Acclivity to cater to construction companies. 

Construction owners are busy. Busy planning and building out large, high-quality projects for their clients. That's where I come in. I'll handle your website and organic visibility so you can focus on your current clients.

Christian Cabney - Owner, Digital Acclivity


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